Safety and Security

Safety and Security

We welcome visitors to Pine Lane and we want our students and staff to be safe.  All doors are kept locked during the school day.  The front door has a buzzer on it that rings into the office.  Our office staff allow anyone they know to enter by releasing the door.  If a person is not known, the office staff member goes to the door to see identification before opening the door.

To ensure that we know who is in the building at all times, we require everyone entering the building during the day to use the front door, scan an ID/check in at the office, and wear a visitor badge during their visit.  Please do not seek access at any other door.  When staff members are unsure of the identity of a visitor, we will ask for identification.

Pine Lane has emergency plans for fire, natural disasters, and unwanted intruders.  Teachers are also provided with Go Bags that are equipped with instructions for emergencies and resources necessary to keep students safe and orderly.  Drills are conducted regularly so that students will know what to do in an emergency. Quiet, orderly behavior is expected during all drills. 

School Marshal Support

Over the last year, much work has been done to address security concerns at our buildings and to prepare for the implementation of the new School Marshal Program. You may now notice the daily presence of law enforcement officers in our elementary and middle schools. This is in addition to the already successful School Resource Officer program at our high schools.

Through our partnership with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Parker Police Departments, officers and deputies are adding another layer of security at our elementary and middle schools via multiple daily unannounced visits. The primary responsibility during those marshals’ shifts is to visit and patrol our schools. While they may assist with a law enforcement issue at our schools, if needed, they will not be called away to answer other calls in the community.

We believe that the extensive requirements, in-depth training and wealth of resources our local law enforcement partners offer will ensure we have the best possible protection for our children.

The Marshal Program was one of several actions suggested by DCSD’s new Safety Committee, an advisory group that reviews and suggests improvements to the District’s security protocols, infrastructure and training. The goal is continuous improvement.  It is also important to mention that savings created by the District’s energy management efforts, as well as contributions by each law enforcement agency will cover much of the program’s cost. 

At the Douglas County School District, we know that a safe environment is essential to successful learning in our classrooms. That is why safety is our highest priority.

Early Dismissal

On occasion, it is necessary to dismiss school early.  The decision to dismiss early is made by the District using the same procedures as a snow day or delayed start.  In this event, students and staff follow the Emergency School Closure Form instructions that each parent has filled out and turned in to the classroom teacher.  Please keep this information updated.   Parents go directly to the classroom to sign out students.

Delayed Dismissal

In the event of unsafe weather conditions at Pine Lane, the principal or designee will decide to delay dismissal.  This is not something we can plan in advance - often the decision is made 5-10 minutes before school ends.  If it appears that the storm will be brief, we just keep the students inside the school and then proceed as normal as the storm dies down.  Parents are welcome to wait in their cars or to come into the building to get their children.