PLE End of Year Information

Everything you need to know about the end of the year!
PLE End of the Year

Pine Lane Crew,

Thank you for your patience with us as we plan out the end of the year and thank you for your attention to all the information we are putting out in concerns to picking up your child’s belongings and dropping off school tech devices. Please read this information carefully as you prepare for next Wednesday, 5/20, and Thursday, 5/21.  Linked here is the recommended schedule: Pick Up/ Drop Off Schedule.  Please do your best to come during your assigned time. This will help with managing traffic and wait times, however, we will not turn you away if you are there at a different time. 

Before making your way to Pine Lane, please do the following: 

  • Clean out the trunk of your car so that the only thing in there are the items you are returning to the school. This should be any tech devices and school books (See example here). Your trunk should not look like this like mine does. (See example here.)
  • Window Signage - Place signage in the top right corner of your windshield (See example here)
    • Family Name
    • Grade(s)
    • Teacher(s) Name
  • Prepare Technology
    • Charge your device
    • If you can please wipe down your device using a Clorox disinfectant wipe (See example video here)
    • Label your device using the following paperwork or format linked here: Device Info. Page 
    • Neatly wrap up your charge cord
  • Find all school-owned books, especially library books, and place them in your trunk
  • Review traffic pattern so that you are not the one to clog up traffic: Traffic Pattern

Just a couple of final instructions. Please be sure to stay in your car during this process. Trained staff will be removing items and placing items into your vehicle. When you arrive at stations 1 & 3 please pop your trunk. If you are picking up medications at station 2 please roll down your passenger side window. Also, please be aware you will be responsible for any damages to tech devices and/or missing chargers. If you are returning a damaged device, please expect to stay a little longer for processing. 

We expect this process to take between 15 - 30 minutes per car. Again, thank you for your help in this process! This will help our Tech Team ensure that our devices are updated and maintained for next fall.  The better organized your devices and books are the quicker we will be able to process everything.